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Natural Beauties Of Sri Lanka
( 15 days/14 nights )

Day 1: Sigiriya
Upon arrival, you will be met at the airport with garland and driven to Sigiriya. Take pleasure trip to visit the spectacular rock fortress of Sigiriya with its inside an astonishing series of paintings of beautiful women (frescoes). Dinner and stay overnight at Sigiriya Hotel or similar.

Day 2: Konduruwana - Polonnaruwa
Breakfast at hotel, we commence the day with trekking from Sigiriya to Konduruwana, which is a village on Girithale/Bakamuna road (approximately 12.5km/4 hours) - this small track falls through the forest and minor roads. The trek could be coupled with a further 2-hour walk along road (8km) towards Girithale. From here, we will drive to Polonnnaruwa for dinner and stay overnight at Sudu Araliya Hotel or similar.

Day 3: Polonnaruwa
After breakfast at hotel, we will do some sightseeing in Polonnaruwa, which was the 2nd capital city if Sri Lanka, built in the 11th and 12th centuries AD, and which is a world heritage site. You can see the ruins of the Royal Palace, the Gal Viharaya - where 4 splendid statues of the Buddha in "Upright", "Sedentary" and "Recumbent" postures carved out of rock, the Audience Hall, the Lotus Bath, king Parakramabahu's statue, and the Parakrama Samudraya Lake built by King Parakramabahu the great. There are also monuments of famous places of worship such as the Shiva Temple, The Watadage, the Galpotha, the Kiri Vehera and the remains of a former Temple of the Tooth Relic. Dinner and stay overnight at Sudu Araliya Hotel or similar.

Day 4: Polonnaruwa - Dambulla
After breakfast, today we start trekking from Polonnaruwa, along the ancient Tank named the "Parakrama Samudraya" situated in the Polonnaruwa District is the largest tank in Sri Lanka. This tank area is very famous for water birds and eagles. We are on the stretch road to "Angamedilla" (about 8km) long and runs along the bank of Parakrama Samudrya Tank, where we continue trekking and then driving to Dambulla. Dinner and stay overnight at Culture Club Hotel or similar.

Day 5: Knuckles - Kandy
After breakfast, we drive up to Riverston in the Knuckles area. The trek would be along wondrous road, traversing five major vegetation types from dry zone forest to montane pygmy forest at Riverston, including dry patina grassland in the island and offers an outstanding viewpoint in Knuckles area. We break the trip with lunch in Knuckles area. Next, we keep moving to Kandy - the second capital of the hill country, repository if culture, religious center, is Sri Lanka's most beautiful town. Focal point of this town is the Dalada Maligawa, were the sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha is enshrined. Highlight of the year is the Kandy Escala Perahera, when a replica of the relic casket is paraded in the streets, accompanied by exotically costumed dancers, drummers and anything from eighty to a hundred gaily-caparisoned elephants, for then littering festival nights. On arrival Kandy, you cannot miss the attractive artificial lake built by the last Sinhala king, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, in 1806. Dinner and stay overnight at hotel in Kandy or similar.

Day 6: Nuwara Eliya
After breakfast, we drive to "Nuwara Eliya", cradled in central hill country is about the most attractive area of the island. The walk for the day, few hours in the cool climes, along plantation roads, jeep tracks and main roads will be an unforgettable experience. Nuwara Eliya has a cool sparkling climate with the temperature changing around 13degC. This is an exquisite and healthy city famous for its wide range in flowers. With buildings of English architecture everywhere in the city, it is affectionately called Little England. Nuwara Eliya is the highest city in Sri Lanka with its highest mountain "Pedurutalagala" placed here. Dinner and stay overnight at Windsor Hotel or similar.

Day 7: Horton Plains
After breakfast, we begin driving to the Horton Plains (Maha Thenna)We experience you with another interesting trek, across the Horton Plains - it is most certainly one of the world's best nature reserves, which consists of famous "World's End", "Bakers Falls", "Chimmini Pool" etc. This largest wet grassland in the country with an extent of 10,000ha is haunted by Elk, Deer, Giant Squirrel, Wild Boar, Wild Hair, Porcupines, and a variety of Migratory birds, which is unique to this region. At the end of our hike across the Horton Plains, we come to another vary important and famous point - the World's End. With a sheer drop of 3700ft, World's End offers one a fantastic and awesome view. Down below, one is greeted, by the beautiful view of the sprawling tea estate laced with gravel roads and lie rooms, and if one looks beyond, by breathtaking panoramic view of the southern part of the island down to the coast.

In the afternoon, we start trekking up to the World's End and out of the Plains via the famous and beautiful Baker's fall and towards Belihuloya (24 km/6-7 hours) over the highest and the largest plains. Dinner and stay overnight at River Garden Activity Centre or Rest House.

Day 8: Adams Peak
After breakfast, we leave by vehicle from Belihuloya to Maskeliya at the base of the Samanala Kanda, begin the ardous 8km/6hr climbing to Sri Pada (Adam's Peak). You will discovery the misty mountaintop with our experienced local guides. You may reach the 2,240 meter high peak-the island's fourth highest - at midnight to dawn, you may absorb a glorious sunrise and the mountain's showdown, cast by the rising sun onto the clouds below. Dinner and stay overnight at the Peak (primitive facilities with sleeping bags).

Day 9: Ratnapura
After witnessing the great stunning sunrise, you have breakfast and then we trek down the hill along different route (10km/7hours), where you will be picked up the Kuruwita road entry point and driven to hotel in Ratnapura. Dinner and stay overnight at Ratnaloka Hotel or similar.

Day 10: Singharaja
After breakfast, we depart for Singharaja Rain Forest with an extent of 11,250 ha. is the only patch of virgin rainforest left in Sri Lanka. This forest was declared a world heritage site in 1989, having the highest number of endemic flora and fauna species in the island and a very high biodiversity. Apart from these sites, you would be visiting the village of Kudawa, experience yourself with staying overnight at the forestry-dormitory with all services provided.

Day 11: Singharaja
After breakfast, we take a full day trekking into the forest. Dinner and stay overnight at the forestry-dormitory.

Day 12: Buluthota Pass
After breakfast, we leave the forest and followed by heading to the beach via Buluthota Pass, where we will en rout trek approx 20km/4hours. Dinner and stay overnight at Weligama Bay Beach Hotel or similar.

Day 13 -15: At the beach
After breakfast, it is your great time of lazing around the beach with your own activities created.

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